, Fees, Future Revenue, and Audits
3 min readOct 19, 2022

Ser, why no Pie Slicer?

Over the past year plus, OGs and the team behind Crunchy have known this product as the “Pie Slicer”. Although we truly will miss the GIFs and pie memes, we decided it would be best to give sliced NFTs their own marketplace. And come on… is a pretty awesome name.

Although we love and its interface, many users just want to buy, sell and mint sliced NFTs. We wanted to make sure we have one platform that handles this and handles it well. Also, we don’t want users overwhelmed with DeFi when first navigating to sliced NFTs. We do not wish to create the “Facebook problem” and have too much going on and confuse and frustrate users. This can always be evaluated and changed in the future, but for now it makes the most sense to have it as a standalone product.

What are the fees with

Platform Fee
Our platform will maintain the industry standard 2.5% fee for all primary sales.

Annual Maintenance Fee
This fee will add up annually and is set at 2.5%. How does this work? Lets say a user creates 1000 slices. Over the course of a year, the total supply of slices will inflate to 1025.

Users that slice an NFT may also attach a annual curator fee from 0 to 10%. This fee also adds up on a annual basis.

So what about revenue, crDAO and CRUNCH?

Over the past couple years we have seen Crunchy surge in a bull market and lag in a bear market. Both scenarios were expected and are no different than what any other business will go through. We are one of the few teams continuously building in a bear market and we have no plans to stop. However this insight did show us how important, and expensive, software development can be.

Like any other business, the Crunchy team needs a steady source of income to keep the lights on while the DAO is fully stood up. Therefore we are creating a development fund that the team will manage. 50% of revenue generated from will flow into that fund. The remaining 50% will be split between the crDAO treasury and the CRUNCH buy back and burn contract. This change will not be affecting any of our other products currently established.

We didn’t take this decision lightly and we hope it’s understood that we are truly doing this to ensure the long term growth of all Crunchy products. If you have any questions or concerns about this decision, we are always willing to have a conversation at our Discord.


Currently, we are submitting a proposal to the Tezos Foundation to have the smart contract audits funded. Until this happens, the smart contracts are not audited. Please know we have taken every effort to build this smart contract using the best, safe, practices. The team behind this project has built several other smart contracts on Tezos that have been in use for years and have held millions in funds during that time period. That is far from a guarantee, but just know we are not the new kids on the block ☻



Disclaimer: The team and community representatives are not registered financial advisors. All opinions shared on Twitter, Discord, or through other public channels are those of the respective individuals alone. Sliced tokens are solely intended to increase participant access to collectable, provable ownership of digital art and their respective communities. does not condone the creation, buying, or selling slices as a means of investment. The team is not responsible for how curators choose to market their NFTs. Similarly, the team does not create, handle, or manage the intermediary platforms, or networks through which slices can be transferred, sold, or purchased. Publications from are solely for information and entertainment purposes only. Please consult and work directly with tax, legal, financial, and investment professionals before making any sliced creation, transferring, and purchasing decisions.